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Volume 4
  Boxed 2 Part Set
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All Dolled Up
Boxed 2 Part Set
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On The Rocks


   Presentation box includes:
       Part 1 & Part 2 -
Cutouts in Context
         1800 years of History
       Separate Tipped-in books:
        - 2 Antique Reproductions
        - Victorian Toy Theaters
        - Walking Paper Dolls
       Templates for Pig Toys:
        - Dancing Finger Puppet
        - Rod Puppet
        - Jumping Jack

   Presentation box includes:
       Part 1 - Turn to Stone
       Part 2 - Stone Walled
       3 kinds of Rock Art
       Southwestern Styles
       DIY Petroglyphs
       Theories about meaning
       Modern understanding
       Sites in US
No. 3 Jul-Sep '13

Fakes, Frauds &
Forgeries - Part 2
Watermarks -
 Invisible Artwork
No. 2 Apr-Jun '13
     Jaki's Tips -
 A Circus of Ideas for
     Enhancing the Page
No. 1 Jan-Mar '13
In the Wake of
Perfume - Part 1
On The Nose
       3 Kinds of Watermarks
       Images of Medieval
       Paper Making projects
    Packet of 5 illustrated books
      • Turn words into drawings
      • Bend rules of readability
      • Create story-telling
      • Use grid layouts
      • Includes a packing list for
         traveling with sketchbook
          or journal
       What sense triggers
       Inspiration = Scent +
       Why aphrodisiacs work
       Secret language:
     • Make scented gifts


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