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Volume 3
No. 12 Feb/Mar '12
Written Word - Part 5
Footnotes & Flourishes
No. 11 Apr/May '11
Fakes, Frauds &
Forgeries - Part 1
Art's Shadow Self
No. 10 Nov/Dec '10

The Age of Chivalry - Part 1
Knight Life
       Illustrated History
       Mini book of freehand
       Make a wearable initial
       Template for butterfly
       How to draw a Cadel
       Historical, Statistical
       Catalogue Raisonné
       Acceptable Fakery
       Value in Forgery
        Legend, Lore, Lifestyle
        Livery & Liability
        Oaths, oats, overlords -
             The Knight's Fee
        Dressed to kill
        The Sport of Kings -
             Prestige & Gamble
        Make Mobiles, 3D crafts
No. 9 Jun/Jul '10

Inside Out -
Open Air Structures
No. 8 Jan/Feb '10
Making Merry
No. 7 Aug/Sep '09
Best Wishes
        History - Garden
        Antique engravings
        Medieval woodcuts
        Garden Art you
        Quick-Mask Trick
        Stand Up Cards
        Tissue Paper
        History of Celebrating
        51 Festivals -
             World Wide
        Make a Woven Fish
        Make a Lotus Cup
        60 International stamps
             in full color
        3 Books in a Box
           a. 14 page
               Wishing Rituals
           b. 28 page If Wishes
               Were Horses

           c. Kit to make your
               own PopUp book
        • Greeting card and
         2 Gift tags
No. 6 June/July '09
  Written Word - Part 4 Holy Roman Empire - Sinners,Saints,Saviors
No. 5 Feb/Mar '09
SPECIAL ED $60 US Stretching the
Envelope -
Covers Unmasked
No. 4 May/Jun '08
Written Word - Part 3 Runes - The Celtic
        Illustrated history
        32 page concertina
        Bonus 8 page bind-in
        Byzantine box template
        Make a reliquary
        Mennonite Fold
        Diamond Fold
        Sleeve Template
        2 Petal Fold Templates
        2 Keepsake Books
        Historical Asides
        Artistamps & Stickers
     Draw Celtic Knots
     Make Pocket Bookmarks
     Reveal Rune Charms
     Divine Druidic Insights
     Where King Arthur sleeps
     Illustrated History
Special Offer
Gift Package $50.00 US
In The Garden Set
Special Offer
Gift Package $80.00 US Written Word Gift Set
No. 3 May/Jun '07
Written Word - Part 2
Persia - Poetic Passion
     Slip cased, includes two
         issues plus more:
        Inside Out --
             Open Air Structures
       • Gardens --
            Earthly Delights
        Heritage flower seeds
        Color greeting card with
         envelope and artistamp
        Illustrated post card
Written Word Parts 1-4
(see above for each detail)
encased in complementary
slip case cover

       Historic Insights
       Make A Calamus (Pen)
       Fold Out -- Six Poets
       Antique Books & Letters
       Historic Lettering Styles
       24 Page Bonus Book on
              Pictorial Calligraphy
No. 2 Mar/Apr '07
Written Word - Part 1
Ancient Scripts
No. 1 Jan/Feb '07
The Promise
of the Pig
         Early Writing
         Write Cuneiform
         Learn Mayan Glyphs
         Read Celtic Runes
         Make a Cipher Wheel
         Tote Box Template
         Gate & Flip Folds
         Edible Contents
         Concertina Book


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